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Default Re: Love-rat boxer Amir Khan betrays fiancee with 2-girl romp in Marbella

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
What a good Muslim
Originally Posted by SouthpawSlayer View Post
pouring champagne into one of the birds mouths mohammed would be turning in his grave
Originally Posted by chic View Post
One thing I don't get with Khan or his gay crew that he surrounds himself with, why push your religion on twitter and whatever and when really you ain't that good at all and don't seem to follow it yourself... I think that why many people hate them also.
Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
A proud Muslim who fasts, and he still cant resist the urge to smash ***** that ain't his. I feel sorry for his arranged marriage wife here, but when she gets hold of him, one slap will be enough to put Khan to sleep.

Amir Khunt. The Pederson defeat turned him into a Muslim *** addict.

Like most folks who follow an organised religion, Khan is a hypocrite, but then this is no different to Tyson Fury talking about Jesus one moment while threatening to put Price in intensive care the next, or Evander Holyfield mentioning God about a million times in his post fight interview, while fathering 12 children from 6 different women, or Floyd Mayweather doing the same and then being convicted for domestic violence. Most people are stupid. Then again, you could argue that if we were perfect we wouldn't need religion in the first place. I don't think the other 3 boxers I mentioned are held to the same moral standard as Khan, who is expected to be a saint.

Anyway, his fiancee is a stunner, while the other 2 bints are just average. I don't give him props for this. Call me old fashioned but in my book, if you commit, you don't cheat. If you wanna **** around, stay single. A guy in Khan's place should not be getting married in the first place. Young, rich and famous? Get all the ***** you can get, before settling down.

Looks like he done ****ed up. Again.
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