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Default Re: Mouthpiece breathing..

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
Well, if you're gonna train with a mouthepiece, then the obvious answer is yes - inhale and exhale through the nose. That's the whole idea.
Personally, I can appreciate the logic behind doing this, and if you can do it - all the power to you. Your conditioning will be superb.
But training with such a handicap (obstructed breathing) could also make your conditioning sessions miserable, and you may have trouble keeping up with training partners. If you become de-motivated to train because it's too punishing - that's counter-productive in my opinion. As I speak, i'm sure people have done this before with success, so i'm not saying it's an outright bad idea.
I'm simply saying, you can add as many handicaps to your training as you like to get the most out of it, but as individuals, we need to maintain a healthy balance of fun and goals that are realistic and achievable.
Good luck with your training. I'm eager to hear how this works out.
If I get TOO winded I take it out and also during rests to get my breath. We have a saying in the military: "Train as you fight". I just want to know if anyone else has done this too? Experiences? I hypothesize It could be similar to be training in higher elevations (ie mountains) or wearing an elevation mask. What I mean is as your blood/oxygen level lowers your body makes more red blood cells to transport the O2. Anyone else familiar with that?
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