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Default Re: Angelo Hyder interview-This may be Danny's last fight

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
Buster, your dead wrong. Boxing just doesn't work like that. Like Crusher says, you can sign the contract and think it'll protect your 'rights', but the cotnract is only enforeced if you go and take a promoter to court. For what- a few hundred bucks and then get a bad name with all promoters ever-after and get frozen out of the game.

Unless a fighters popular enough like a Mundine, Geale or Green, they cannot afford to get offside with promoters. There just aren't enough shows around for fighters to be burning promoters, there's been a pwoer imbalance int his game for a long time and the promoters know it.

If fighters do cause too much trouble, and they don't bring in alot of money at a fight via attendences, they just get passed on. Promoter's don't need to conspire together to freeze out a fighter, once a fighter gets a name as a money-grubbing bastrad who always got his hands out, the promoters will just pass on 'em for someone else.

Name Aussie fighters been ripped off by 30, 40 even up to 60% of their contracted purse...and other than punch the promoter on the schnoz...can't do anything about it. Take a prmoter to court- over $500, remember, these are fighters we're talking about, not bankers.
each person has a choice.

u either allow yourself to get ripped off or u don't.
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