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Default Re: Nick Diaz vs. Josh Koscheck?

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
This could be the most interesting matchup UFC's had in a long time.
Honestly, the only thing that will come close to the actual fight itself would be the pre-fight trash talk. This would be awesome for many different reasons - and stylistically this makes good sense. I think I'd give Diaz the advantage both on the feet and on the ground easily. He is his own worst enemy though, so the only person likely to sabotage this matchup is Diaz himself. This dude can't go a month without making a career limiting move. It won't be long until his antics will no longer be tolerated or justified by his abilities.
Disagree. the UFC has suffered a dip in viewers/ppv losses recently, they NEED people like Diaz, a character outside the ring and a warrior in it. his place is safe
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