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Default Re: How come Floyd has never fought a Prime ATG?

Originally Posted by tliang1000 View Post
This thread is just a typical lame attempt to discredit Floyd's resume which in reality you can switch Floyd to ANY boxer's name instead and they will ALL FAIL. Because Again, i can't emphasis enough. There is no such thing to be "IN PRIME" and Already an ATG. Virtually impossible bc ATG is judged by their career as a whole.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Floyd's opposition who he has beaten Prime undefeated fighters to out of prime and in prime opponent. The man has done it all. They only that DQed him as being a GOAT is that his pro career doesn't consist of 100+ fights.

yes that's why he's not the GOAT. Nothing to do with the fact he's never fought a prime ATG, let alone beat one.
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