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Default Re: How come Floyd has never fought a Prime ATG?

Originally Posted by Xerant View Post
since your trying hard at beeing serious on this,heres my take. Floyd had a **** load of skillz coming up. All his,way up to DLH he owned good fighters. After DLH he just cash in on all the hate and he,was calling the shot. So would you jump off your house for 1 million or would you jump of your car for the same money. It sucks very much I agree that in this diva generation we could not get the best matchup we could. Have fun getting ***** at and love.

Gotta hate negociation

I agree with all you said.

I don't think any one has played it as well as floyd.

And if i could have had anyone's careers in Boxing id' pick floyd.

Guy will probably retire with alot of money and his health in tact. With every sucking his nuts about how good he is.
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