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Default Re: How come Floyd has never fought a Prime ATG?

Originally Posted by JohnAnthony View Post
I agree with all you said.

I don't think any one has played it as well as floyd.

And if i could have had anyone's careers in Boxing id' pick floyd.

Guy will probably retire with alot of money and his health in tact. With every sucking his nuts about how good he is.
John, i've seen ur posts for a long time to know that you favor pac and discredit Floyd's. Just like this thread. You throw Pac name out as if he achieve the beating a "in prime ATG" which he didn't but yet u still throw his name out. Not too mention that both of their resume are practically identical. The only thing that seperates Floyd and Manny is that Manny have more weight divisions and more past prime greats. I could easily look at Pac's resume on paper and give him a higher ranking than Floyd but in reality he cherry picked much better than Floyd fighting guys who is coming off losses and weight drains them. Those matches hurt Pac's legacy. If he didn't cherry pick so much i would've rank him higher than Floyd.
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