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Default Re: How come Floyd has never fought a Prime ATG?

Originally Posted by Webbiano View Post
Tliang your an idiot. Yes an ATG is decided when someone's career is done and dusted, however there is a specific point I someone's career where they are in their 'prime' for example: Foreman in 73, Holmes in 79-82, Ali in 67, Frazier in 69-70, SRL at WW from 79-82, Tommy Hearns at LMW from 82-84, Mayweather from 98-01 at SFW, Mosley from 97-99 at LW etc. That is a definition of a prime ATG (depending how you feel about Mosley and Floyd obviously) a great fighter, fighting at their best weight, at the best stage of their career.

Now we have that dumbass issue out the way of what a prime ATG is and let's look through Floyds resume. The two fighters that could be considered ATGs that where in their prime is Jose Luis Castillo (personally I feel he was slightly before his very best) but that is being a bit picky. The other is obviously Corrales, however if you believe the weight issues Diego was having, then you could strike that from the record. (again could be me being a it picky)

They are the only two, however I'm aware a few names may come up so I'll deal with them accordingly. Genaro Hernandez: not good enough to compete with the very best in the world, JMM: his best weight was either Super Feather or Lightweight, Hatton: past
his best slightly and light welterweight is clearly his best weight and Mosley: yes he looked good against Margarito, but his best days at welterweight where well past him, let alone his best days in his career as a whole which where at lightweight.

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