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Default Price/Fury Expert Opinions Article

Couldn't post link but copied the contents of the article:


By Michael J Jones

It could prove to be the biggest domestic rivalry since the days of Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank. Heavyweight prospects David Price and Tyson Fury have been in an entertaining war of words ever since both turned pro a few years ago. Price beat Fury comfortably as an amateur when the Liverpool star was far more seasoned than his novice opponent. These days the bout appears far more evenly poised.

Both are unbeaten, Fury at 19-0 (14) and Price at 14-0 (12) and are similar height at around 6’8”. It is a contest that is bound to create much interest and excitement; Price brings the extensive amateur pedigree, cool head and punching power while Fury seems more fiery, unpredictable and dynamic.

Both men have fights lined up before the end of the year but it is hoped a contest between the two big punchers can happen in the first half of 2013. In the meantime, Livefight asked some familiar names their opinion as to who would be the last man standing in a contest between Liverpool’s Price and Fury.

Jamie McDonnell (world-rated bantamweight contender)-I think it’d be a right ding dong…Price is probably more skilful so, if I had to bet, I’d say him but anything can happen in heavyweight boxing.

Matty Askin (cruiserweight contender)-I really wouldn’t like to say as both are looking well at the minute. It could be the case of whoever lands first but it would be an incredible British fight.

Nick Manners (trainer)-I like Price’s power but I like Tyson’s versatility and that could confuse Price. Price also needs to find his own attack mode as it was the crowd that made him fight (aggressively) early against Harrison, not his instinct. It’s a great fight but I lean slightly toward Fury.

Stephen Jennings (lightweight contender)-I think Price would win easily. Fury leaves his left hand low and David’s best shot is the left hook-right-hand. Once he lands with that it’s over. I think it could be an early night with a Price KO.

Michael Sprott (former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion)-I am going with Price to win this one by KO for sure; he’s definitely the harder puncher.

Kieran Farrell (Central Area lightweight champion)-The jury is still out on Price’s chin with me. He hasn’t had it tested; he can certainly dish it out but can he take it? I’ll go with Fury as he’s proven both that he can give it and take it by defeating Chisora who put in a bold effort vs Vitali Klitchko. Price hasn’t fought anyone of that calibre yet.

Gary Lockett (trainer and former pro)-I think David Price is too gifted for Tyson Fury but Fury would give him an argument.

Jane Couch (female boxing legend)-I think Price.

Jose Ribalta (former heavyweight contender and Mike Tyson opponent)-I will have to pick Tyson Fury. I would be willing to train Fury as he’ll need a real trainer now he’s stepping up in class.

Chris Byrd (former IBF world heavyweight champion)-It would be a great fight between two big men but I have no pick as of now.

Tony Pace (lightweight contender)-I’d go with David Price.

Shane Thomas (trainer)-I think Price would 'do' Fury in three rounds; too big and too strong. It’d be interesting but Fury wouldn’t be able to cope with the power Price has.

Monte Barrett (former heavyweight contender)-David Price would win.

Spencer Fearon (promoter and former pro)-It’s a good fight but based on current performances, the nation would lean towards Price, but I’m going to surprise people and say Fury. I think it’d be a ‘Rocky 2’ style (double) knock-down with Fury getting to his feet while Price is beaten to the count somewhere around the ninth. I then see Price winning the return to set up a mega fight which I will promote (laughs). Hard-knocks for life!

Colin Hart (acclaimed fight journalist)-Domestically there will be tremendous interest in a Fury-Price fight. It seems the two men have already started the build-up. I just hope that old evil 'boxing politics' doesn't prevent it from happening. A clash between these tremendous punchers is bound to be explosive. The outcome is likely to depend who has the stronger chin. Price seems to be the smoother boxer with the better jab. My feeling is that Price has more power in his punches than Fury and I take him to stop Tyson in three or four rounds. There's no doubt the fight would capture the imagination of the non-boxing public as well as the fans like Haye-Chisora did. I’d love to see it happen.

Danny Williams (former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion and Mike Tyson conqueror)-As a fight fan it’s a mouth-watering fight but as a British fight fan I hope they don’t fight each other. The Klitschko brothers are nearing the end and I think both men have a good shot at making it at world level. I change my mind about this fight all the time but I think David Price could win. He’s been looking devastating of late. His heart and chin are still unproven but if he has those he’s the complete package.

Junior Witter (British welterweight champion and former world champion)-I think Tyson Fury. Price has been getting everything he needs but I just think Tyson has his number. Price is a good fighter who would beat most of the other prospects but there’s something about Fury in the look in his eyes like he knows he’ll win.

Lewis Rees (light-welterweight prospect)-Personally, I think Price would win inside the distance. When I first got into the GB squad before Beijing, I remember Price getting the better of Fury in sparring. I know they’ve both done a lot since then but David is out-and-out a better boxer in my opinion.

Deontay Wilder (heavyweight prospect): I’d say the best man would win.

Kerry Hope (former European middleweight champion)-I think Price by KO.

Kristian Laight (super-journeyman)-Price! Far too mobile for Fury.

Wayne Alexander (former British and Commonwealth light-middleweight champion)-Very close call but something tells me Fury (will win). Whoever wins I wouldn’t be surprised.

Final tallies-

David Price to win: 13 votes

Tyson Fury to win: 6 votes

Don’t know: 3 votes

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute to this article.
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