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Default Re: Sick to my back stomach

Originally Posted by Pale Destroyer View Post
This isn't exactly a new topic but I wanted to vent some anger.

I am a Sky subscriber and cannot believe the lack of cards being shown at the moment I am a ****'s hair away from cancelling my subscription. how the **** can they justify not having any live action for 2 or sometimes 3 weeks at a time. I have been a subscriber to sky for some time now and the schedule has never been this thin, where has all the domestic and international action gone.

Despite this they still have Ringside on EVERY single week wether there is live action that coming weekend or not. Now in my opinion Ringside is an ok show but its a supplementary programme, in the respect that it should supplement Sky's boxing output by reviewing the previous weeks fights and previewing the coming weeks fight, basically build up and reaction.

But whats the point in having a supplementary magazine style programme when there is no ****ing boxing for it to supplement! If sky has budget issues then I would rather have a card (any card really) and no ringside for the week.

I mean how the **** can they justify refusing to shell out for any domestic or international boxing but Adam Smith can find the money to send himself and his chum (and a whole camera and sound crew) out to Miami to speak to David Haye, or Johnny to the Philippines to speak to Amir Kahn or both of them to spain (or somewhere hot, can't remember where) to chat to Tennis player and new found friend of the pair Andy Murray.

Its the arrogance of the whole thing thats really got to me, its like they think they are that incredible at broadcasting that we the fans would rather watch them buffing there own bell ends on Ringside every week or 8 or 9 commentators and pundits covering one show than the sport we love on a regular basis.

Imagine the uproar if Sky started doing this with their football coverage. I would think almost every fan of every sport in the world would agree that actually watching their sport is far more important to them than watching pundits talk about it.

Now whats that boxnation number?

I absolutely 100% agree with you.

Sometimes when you criticise Sky on here people jump to the conclusion you work for Boxnation and then bang on about how its not perfect itself.

That is missing the point.

Ignore the other channels, this is about Sky.

They are letting the boxing fans down pure and simple.

Yes the shows are superbly produced and I must admit that the Matchroom shows are generally very good, but it seems like its the same twenty or so fighters jsut being shown.

I'm so disappointed with the way they are going.

I pay full price, and have been with Sky since the very start, over twenty years, and am like you very close to cancelling.

The argument that some give, "if you don't like it leave", is purile and completely misses the point.

I really hope they change their current policy.
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