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Default Re: Geale ducked a no1 challenger in Sam Soliman

Originally Posted by Mr ******
Geale beat no one better to earn a shot at the title in the first place. Soliman fought and beat a guy that Geale defended against. Soliman has ticked all the boxes and deserves his shot. Do you guys really believe what you say about Soliman? There is no reason for Geale to get a free ride past a no1 contender who earnt the right, epecially given Geale fails to sell the sport of boxing.
you are clearly a ****ing moron. who did soliman beat to earn his shot you stupid turd? lorenzo? LOL. woods? LOL. Geale beat a former world champion and ring ranked no.8 you ****wit. anyone with some boxing knowledge doesn't want to see this fight because soliman is a never was who fights like a gorilla on acid. do some research before making yourself look like an ass.
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