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Default Re: Sick to my back stomach

Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
do you actually not like football?
I can't stand the football, no interest whatsoever in it.

I have no problem with people who love it, I love boxing, so can understand the passion, but football?..............I just don't 'get' it!

Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
do some of you genuinely only watch boxing and no other sports?

i actually prefer the sky boxing set up how it is. i have a social life, friday and saturday nights are spent doing plenty of other things, and i like to wake up on sunday morning and watch back 3 hours of quality boxing. previously you would get a 2 hour show and it was all mis matches. now its all 50-50s.

i also think sky is great value for money. never had an issue with paying for it.

God Bless Rupert Murdoch also.....being deadly serious. the guys get an unfair ride.
I genuinely only watch the boxing and no other sport.

I must admit to not knowing too much about Murdoch, but I do think that there is generally no smoke without fire and I think to assume that an individual can amass that mush personal wealth and power without making some questionable decisions is a bit naive.

I would certainly be surprised that if there is indeed a God he would 'bless' him anyway!
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