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Default Re: Sick to my back stomach

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
You should phone Tris Dixon(editor) at Boxing News and tell him about it.Ask him to mention it to Adam Smith because he has a good day with him and they talk a lot.
Tris is really good for listening to what's on fans' minds.I've phoned BN a couple of times and couldn't believe the time he gave up to chat.

You are right mate.It's poor at the minute.
Skys explanation will be simple.

They gave 2 year deals to 4 promoters starting September 2010. W*rren left, Maloney & Hatton didn't deliver the quality that sky required, so they stuck with Hearn.

They offered a 20 fight deal because thats the max he can put together at the moment without the quality of the product diminishing.

Once Hearn is able to offer a larger number of cards, more cards will be shown.

History tells us this is the way Sky do business with other sports btw and with Boxing.
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