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Default Re: Sick to my back stomach

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
Even by your standards this is re****ed. So, I can't dislike football because I just don't enjoy it? You are a complete tool, Rob.

You know nothing about him obviously, or why his nationality was such an issue. It's worth reading some of John Pilger's articles about the Murdochs.

I read too many newspapers? You don't read enough anything, I'd factor. He's largely responsible for the current state of the UK's media.
yes but that dislike came from not being good at it.

John Pigler is one of the most over the top journos i have come across. i havent read his murdoch stuff though. but like i have said, to become a US citizen you have to renounce the country your from. if you wanna stay in the US perm, you will need to do the same thing.

I here this but i don't see it. Murdoch is quite clear in his support of the republican party yet all UK media is extremely pro Democrat/Obama. If he really controlled the press why would Romney/Bush get such a hard time. You see this on Sky & The Sun two of his companys.
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