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Default Re: (Frances) Damien Alamos Lumpinee Stadium at only 22 years old

Originally Posted by Wisdom View Post
Did'nt Jean Charles win the Rajadamnern Stadium Title at middleweight how big and impressive of an achievement was/is that considered ?
Skarbowsky was a legend, proabably the best foreigner of his particular era especially when he came back in the late 90s. He did fight in the stadiums often, but as far as I recall he never held a stadium belt.....(Yaca?). Any farang fighting and holding his own in the 90s and early 2000s in a stadium fight is a great achievment.........but as he fought around the 60 -65kg area in his day, which as I stated above is getting well away from the more competitive end of Muay Thai in Thailand.

You have to remember, you have three forms of MT:

Farang vs Farang
Farang vs Thai
Thai vs Thai

Thai vs Thai is eons above anything else. The gulf between the Thais and the rest is huge always has been and always will be. Very often when Thais fight farang they are giving weight and are probaby past thier best. Not always and of course there are some great farang but they are the exception not the norm. I'm not dissing farang fighters who compete very well all things considered, but on the whole it's not a level playing field.

Just a side note, I know JWP beat Skarbowsky late in his career, but imagine Skarbowsky vs JWP around the year

PS: Wisdom, I haven't forgotten your PM I'm gonna answer it, but I've got a bit of a PM backlog.......
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