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Default Re: Geale ducked a no1 challenger in Sam Soliman

Originally Posted by Mr ****** View Post
Geale dogged a no1 challenger in Sam Soliman. This fight should take place before Dec 12. this has not been hounered. Geale should take this fight, then if he wins he can fight Mundine. Soliman earned that shot just as much as Geale did his, look who he fought. If Geale and his teams think the fight would not sell then i think that problem is them not Soliman. If Geale got off his ass and promoted the show of boxing then the fight would sell well in Melbourne.
With all due respect, who gives a ****. Sam seems like a great guy but he is ****ing boring to watch with a style as ugly as 20a87's boyfriend. Geale v Mundine 2 is one of the biggest fights in Aussie boxing history whilst Geakle v Soliman is a major, major turd. No brainer buddy!
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