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Default Re: a filipino fan reacting to the omission of pacquiao from the ATG jr fw list

Originally Posted by Classic Boxer View Post
Born and raised in America, my tagalog isn't very good.

I'm not here to argue with another poster trying to prove I'm filipino. Ignorant fans of one boxer who claim they know more boxing knowledge than real fans of the sweet science irritate the hell outta me.

*****s, I'm talking about you too.
A filipino just trying to defend another filipino. that's just it. the facebook guy could be wrong, but everyone is entitled to one's opinion, but to label all or most of filipinos as pac**** is kind of reaching. oh well.... Im a fan of floyd so I can be called a *****, I'm a pac**** too, and Im a SNV diehard. SNV! remember the name.

this is igor and I approve this message.
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