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Default Re: How come Floyd has never fought a Prime ATG?

Originally Posted by anj View Post
People are pretty dumb on this thread.

The OP is saying Mayweather did not face any fighters in their prime who went on to be considered ATG.

It's true. Mayweather did not ever face a fighter in their prime who will be considered an ATG.
i.e Marquez, 37 years old when Mayweather fought him. Mayweather made him move up 2 weight classes pretty much. Marquez will be considered an ATG. By that time he was already considered an ATG anyways.

Mayweather's resume is good. He is an ATG, but there are many other fighters i.e Oscar De La Hoya, who has a greater resume, despite Mayweather having zero losses.
Oscar for example has fought greater opposition.

However, if at identical weights with Barrera, Morales, Hamed, Marquez in his prime, Tszyu and all of the other ATG's of this era...Mayweather may as well have them on his resume as we know he would beat them.
No he didn't. He was clearly stating ATG at the time they fought. He may have back-tracked since then, because people have pointed out how absurd that is. But that's what he was saying.

Even if we look at it from the perspective of "went on to become ATGs," it gets even more absurd.

A fighter's resume should be based on how their opponents are viewed at the time, not based on hindsight. I'll give you an example.

Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez - Williams' stock may have dropped substantially in the tail end of his career, but Martinez still gets credit for being 1 of only 2 people who had the ***** to face him when EVERYBODY from 147 to 160 was ducking him like their lives depended on it.
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