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Default Re: mark johnson :why is he in the HOF ?

Originally Posted by kmac View Post
lineal champ is a nice title to have but it doesn't mean you're the best in your division. (see erdei) you make a point with him facing no asians but that doesn't mean he didn't deserve the respect he got. you need to go back and watch some of his old fights to see why people thought that way.
Surely everyone in this thread has watched all of his fights that are available?!

How many of Arbachakov, Sasakuls, Megdoens, Pongsaklek's fights have you watched? Fact is, Johnson was not the best flyweight in the World. Obviously you're a fan of his (as am I) but with all the evidence surely you can't think he beat a sufficient calibre of fighter to reach the pinnacle of the division?
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