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Default Re: a filipino fan reacting to the omission of pacquiao from the ATG jr fw list

Originally Posted by #Tremendous View Post
I have heard this from several Filipino fans, so what? A ton of African Americans I've talked to say Mike Tyson is the GOAT, and a ton of Mexicans I've talked to think JCC and Cesar Chavez are the same person and the greatest boxer to have ever lived. So what?

These are casual boxing fans, who cares what race they are. Why are you bringing it up in your title?
Most of those other types of casuals didn't take to the internet en masse and take a massive **** over every boxing forum on the internet. Only one distinct group of morons did that. It would be like if the US had a top 3 finish at the World Cup and America went soccer crazy, and all the Americans took to every soccer forum to proclaim Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey co-GOATs. Everyone would laugh at how utterly stupid this entire group of newbie American fans are. That happened to boxing and it is finally starting to go away.
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