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Default Re: How to win the footwork war against a southapw (so to keep away from his power si

Originally Posted by cambay411 View Post
OMGWTF, Rip has a point, for right now focus on what you know and work on developing your style but at the same time keep your technique sharp. Let your coach correct you and ask him any questions you have.

However dont be afraid to ask questions on here (or anywhere), its just alot better for a coach to explain and show you the proper technique rather than someone try to explain it on here in just words.

yep honestly he's too stubborn, you don't learn in one night. As time goes by you make small improvements and have times where it just clicks to you. Anyone can explain what to do but practicing, learning the basics because he's new is what is best. He's overthinking, like who the **** cares just throw the punch and attempt it. Or try this, and that etc. You can ask about certain things but some of these threads no one can help you here as much as your coach.
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