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Default Re: Can somebody try to refute this statement on mayweather

Well of course Floyd and Pac will always be dogged unless they fight. As for someone not giving credit where credit is due then they dont know ****. Floyd is ridiculous. For anyone to say Floyd isnt one of the greats then they probably dont watch much boxing.

Sadly, Its already to the point where if they fight now, which ever looses will have the excuse they were past their prime. So I almost dont even care about that fight anymore.

Its kinda like Jones Jr and Hopkins 2. They waited way to long for that, to the point almost no one even cared about it.

Of course its gonna hurt their legacy. Of course they are still greats but to not fight each other to settle once and for all who was the best says something pretty bad about their character as a fighter in my opinion.

We should already be talking about May vs Pac 3, even if one fighter won all 3 fights.

The people who run the boxing world really f'd this all up and consequently they may have messed the sport up as a whole.
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