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Default Re: Can somebody try to refute this statement on mayweather

Originally Posted by Elite View Post
His best wins are Corrales, Castillo, and Cotto as probably his best win. Only reason people say he cherrypicks is because his resume doesn`t have crazy wins with ATGs. Please don`t say that Oscar, Mosley, and Marquez are great wins. None of those three at the time he fought them were anything great. Except maybe Oscar who was on a better level then the other two. He`s a great fighter, but when you look at that resume it`s not really anything special. Someone with his talent could of had more in there.

Your over looking some good fighters man. Castillo, Manfredy for example. Floyd was 23-24 fighting these dudes in their primes. Besides Pac, Floyd as fought every body and in their primes except De La Hoya.
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