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Default Re: Nick Diaz vs. Josh Koscheck?

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post
Plenty of tough guys who will slug it out and do the press tours yeah but how many with the talent of Diaz?

He's a tough guy with world class skills to back it up.

look at the beating he laid on BJ Penn, no one else has ****ed BJ up like that, Nick Diaz is more than a tough guy.

I don't think they will cut him unless he does something INCREDIBLY stupid, he's got a pretty hardcore fanbase, and he's one of those guys you either love or hate, those guys are like goldust to a company like the UFC.

If he fights GSP, It will be ****ing HUGE.
Yeah, his saving grace is that he legitimately is a world-class fighter.

But he's already lost to the interim champ, and he **** all over a huge-money title shot against GSP because he freaked out and couldn't handle the pressure of a simple press conference.

Part of being a superstar fighter in today's age is that you've gotta play the game. That's how you earn the big money, it's NOT just what you do in the cage and Diaz doesn't understand that. There's only so much of his bull**** that the UFC will tolerate. And rightly so, because they invest big money in his fights, and he already has an established history of ****ing them over, costing them lots of money, and publicly embarrassing them. He's world class and draws a lot of fan interest. But he's not THAT big a name that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants for as long as he wants, without suffering career repercussions.

Besides, some of the shine will come off of his win against BJ when Rory MacDonald beats the **** out of him even worse.

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