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Default Re: Nick Diaz vs. Josh Koscheck?

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post
I think the reason Diaz gets somewhat of a pass is because of his personality, you only have to watch the guy speak for 5 minutes to see he is genuinely not a very talkative/outgoing guy, it's embedded in his DNA I think, that's just who he is.

And I think Dana and the UFC know this and he gets a slight pass for it.

Although your right, if the performances started tailoring off they would get tired of him real quick.
Yeah his personality is a big part of his fan appeal. But he takes it SO far, he's SO sullen and unco-operative that he makes it way more difficult for himself than it needs to be.

They can't just give him a free pass either, because other fighters will see it. Many fighters aren't natural attention *****s, and the UFC won't want to set a precedent where other fighters can point to him and say "But Diaz doesn't have to do this or this or this, why should I? I hate press conferences too you know."

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