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Default Re: Unanswered question about the Mundine-Khoder split.

Originally Posted by Mr ****** View Post
Mundine-Nasser split is no good for Mundine IMO. Sure Mundine had some so-so fights between 08-10, which came to head with Wood KO. However over a decade Nasser has made sure the ball was always in Mundine's court. Mundine can not totally self manage, he is a fighter. He needs that second set of eyes. Gary Shaw could screw him over in Geale fight.
Originally Posted by Brawler View Post
Are you the same person? Both Brawler and Mr. ****** joined at the same time, have a similar number of posts, not a dissimilar writing style, hmmmm. Must have a lot to say?

Mundine isn't about to get screwed in Australia, overseas mabye, but that would be the case with or without Khoder. Remember the deal King offered Choc and was take it or leave it. Luckily for Choc, Ab's wasn't about to share his meal-ticket with anyone.

He might have to go to selling mobile phones, or heroin like his fat-****d brother was convicted for.

Ditching Ab's has been a long time coming, christ knows how he's maanged to keep his svengali grip on Choc for as long as he has- but I'll bet their shared 'faith' has has alot to do with it.

It's a shame its taken as long as 2012 to happen and not 2006 after the Green victory...but better late than never.

Unfortunately, the Khoder imprint seems to have been well and truly impressed onto Choc, which means the in-the-public tune wont change. Sadly.

Now that he's run Mundine's career into dormancy and ridicule, now we can watch Ab's work his magic with Quade Cooper.
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