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Default Pros/Cons of this Push-up Routine

My goal for today was to do a total of 200 push-ups, something I've never done before. I put together this routine on the fly, but I felt like I got a pretty good work out. The sets/reps I did were random for each variation, partly just to get it to 200 and partly because I got tired about halfway through. I'll probably have to mess with the numbers a bit in the future.

-3x20 alternating medicine ball push-ups
-3x10 medicine ball push-ups
-2x15, 1x10 spartan push-ups
-3x10 clap push ups
-2x10 diamond push-ups
-2x10 bench double clap push-ups (not behind the back)

What would you say are the pros/cons of this routine? Should I incorporate regular push-ups or decline push-ups? Anything you would change?
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