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Default Re: Pros/Cons of this Push-up Routine

Originally Posted by noobboxer_88 View Post
Bull****. Now you're going to a totally different muscle group forgetting completely the fact that he asked about a pull up routine.

Okay here we go. What do you call a push up? Half way down? Again goin back to my military career if your chest didnt touch the ground it didnt count. Body needs to be straight as possible keep your abs tight. Opening your reach (aka wide arm push ups) will pull on the pectoral muscles. Slowing down does nothing but waste energy. Try pulling your elbows into your sides and that will focus on your triceps. Hell do them on your knuckles (with adequate padding and no wraps). That will strengthen your wrist even further plus its better for it. Aligns the bones in the wrist to provide further structure. I honestly cant see anything wrong with your routine. But what the hell is a Spartan p/u?
And yes do regular and decline (feet higher than the rest)
Disagree. Slowing down ensures you are not using any momentum.
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