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Default Re: Sky boxing - Quantity or quality?

Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
There you go again Jonsey spouting out views, guesses and opinions as if they are facts!

When will you learn?

Just how on earth do you know that Sky will increase Matchroom to 35 shows a year? What do you base this on? You are just grabbing figures out of the air and using them to support your argument! (Nothing new there then).

Yes I agree if in a fantasy world your figures were correct we'd probably all be happy, but we don't live in that world.

We are complaining about now!

It is rubbish what Sky are doing, I have been with them twenty years and it has never been this bad for boxing coverage.

You can disagree if you want but I am completely entitled to my
opinion and it is based on experience, you cannot tell me my feelings are wrong on the subject!
Your also a subscriber of BN? And you obviously have channel 5, so your not missing out on any boxing Michael.

Sky are not going to increase the amount of boxing they show until Hearn grows his stable IMO.
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