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Default Re: Sky boxing - Quantity or quality?

Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
There you go again Jonsey spouting out views, guesses and opinions as if they are facts!

When will you learn?

Just how on earth do you know that Sky will increase Matchroom to 35 shows a year? What do you base this on? You are just grabbing figures out of the air and using them to support your argument! (Nothing new there then).

Yes I agree if in a fantasy world your figures were correct we'd probably all be happy, but we don't live in that world.

We are complaining about now!

It is rubbish what Sky are doing, I have been with them twenty years and it has never been this bad for boxing coverage.

You can disagree if you want but I am completely entitled to my
opinion and it is based on experience, you cannot tell me myy feelings are wrong on the subject!
Michael some of your posts are so epic! you just told me I am wrong and then start crying about how your entitled to your opinion!

I can actually back it up with history. Look at another sport delivered by Mathroom to Sky Sports in the darts. Sky used to show a limited amount of darts and they increased as the quality of the product improved alongside the viewing figures. The same has happend with pretty much every other sport on Sky. Thats why there used to be 1 sports channel and now theres 5. Also Matchroom used to have a 10 card per year deal with Sky and that got doubled because they delivered quality.

You see it as Sky pulling out of boxing, but I see it as Sky pulling out of the bad boxing promoter business.

Also Sky are a business so they will always make decisions based on profit. If they have a Boxing promoter who delivers a quality product that gets high viewing figures then they would be stupid not to up the amount of dates on offer.

I do understand your frustrations Michael as like you I am a fantatical boxing fan, and even though I wont be living in this country in 6 weeks time I also care about the state of British Boxing. I just beleive that the likes of W*rren and Maloney have been a cancer to the sport and Hattons were going to be no different. Its short term pain for long term gain.

The sport can only improve with Hearn in the driving seat and young forward thinking promoters like Coldwell, Fearon and Woods coming through working with him.
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