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Default Re: Sky boxing - Quantity or quality?

Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
I agree with you that thanks to the efforts of other channels (mainly Boxnation) I am able to catch most of the boxing I want to see.

However thats not my point really.

As much as I like Boxnation and am really chuffed to finally have a dedicated boxing channel, it shouldn't really be necessary should it?!

My point is that because Sky used to support boxing they bought the rights to many of the big overseas fights, the ones that were predominantly shown on ITV.

Ok thats fine then I thought, Sky is the place for boxing, ok I have to pay a bit for it but its worth it if I'm guaranteed to see most of the big fights.

With this transfer of boxing away from terrestrial the interest in the general public gradually declined, surely nobody can deny that the fact that it was no longer avaiable in most of Britains homes made alot of people lose interest in it.

So there we were, Sky showed the fights and we paid more and more each year for the privilage.

Now they decide to cut back on the output, and reduce the number of promoters they use to just one.

This is bad.

Boxnation shouldn't actually be needed if Sky did their job properly!
You have Sky just for Boxing? Pretty much everyone I know has it for Football and programmes, the rest is a bonus.

Boxnation shouldn't be needed if Sky did they're job properly?

Frank W had plenty of shows on Sky, but he chose to leave! And I'm glad we don't have to put up with anymore awful PPV cards.

Sicne going to BN he's put on about 1 domestic card a month, and they have been of terrible quality.
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