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Default Re: The "Whine About Mayweather" Express!!!!!!

Originally Posted by JohnAnthony View Post
i disagree.

He's fought ATG that were past it like Mosley and DeLaHoya
And many HOF's who were prime like Castillo Coralles Hatton Cotto.

But no prime ATG's

Still a great resume.

Just missing the huge win

Good F**king lord man. There is no such thing as Prime ATG! No one in history were classify as an ATG that damn early. Do you not understand what kind of non-sense you are talking about?

Below are examples of the non-sense that u are trying to say that Floyd doesn't have these types of victories.

If they exist then I guess Mercado draw an ATG against Bhop in prime was a huge achievement then huh. Or that Jones Jr beat a Green but physical primed Bhop is a ATG victory for Jones Jr.

Bhop was not considered as an ATG that early.

New example after edit: Lennox Lewis in his prime getting beat by McCall = in prime ATG victory????

I guess Junior Jones held two wins over Antonio Barrera means he should be a high ATG with two massive wins over a prime "ATG" Barrera in his early 20s.

Barrera was not considered an ATG that early

Trinidad beating Oscar in their prime is not an ATG victory bc they were both NOT considered as ATGs at the time. Both of them only have wins over past prime guys like Whitaker, Camacho, and Chavez.

Example4: Singurat beating a 21 year old pac = Singurat have a ATG in prime victory???

There are many many example where a "ATG" fighter have lost in their prime due to them being Green or didn't start to get big wins until later in their career. So by u (john) saying that Floyd is missing out these matches are meaningless bc you should judge the fight at that POINT OF TIME and what were the circumstances.

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