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Default Re: Sky boxing - Quantity or quality?

Originally Posted by JamieC View Post
tbf rob he's got a point there, why mention an apartment in the US?
because if i had pointed out why i have a subscription to Showtime & HBO i probably would have been asked why.

to be clear i am not a baller with apartments all over the world. i am moving to the US in a few weeks time and my apartment which i will share with my soon to be wife has HBO & Showtime already set up because there was an offer on when I was last visiting and it worked out cheaper to pay for an extra few months than pay full whack.

so no that wasn't what i was doing.

regarding the aviator. you get a ton of fighters and people on this forum talking about keyboard warriors and hiding being names. So I like to be open about who I am so that people can't accuse me of that.

The only thing I am showing of is my red WAR hat which i would imagine everyone is really envious off as allot of people on here have aviators of photoshoped red war hats.

if i really wanted to show off i would tell you that i met 2 of the girls from the MTV show The Valleys today!
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