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Default Re: Sky boxing - Quantity or quality?

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
I posted the following in another thread on Sky's boxing coverage. That thread got derailed but I think it's an interesting subject, so I wanted to know what everyone else thinks of the current boxing we get on Sky. Personally, I'm glad that we aren't getting weekly shows because when we did have them, they were always of poor quality. The Hearn shows we're getting now, outside of the Prizefighter series, are packed with quality and that's the way to go for me.


I'm probably in a minority here, but good. I don't miss the plethora of dire small hall shows with one passable fight as the main event on top of an undercard of absolute mismatches. They're ****e and don't do boxing any favours. If I had a choice between four awful cards, like the ones Frank provides, or one big show every four weeks, I know which I'd choose. Boxing fans should demand quality not quantity. In an ideal world, you'd have four good cards but that isn't going to happen, so it's a choice between quantity and quality. That's not a tough pick for me.

And I can't see why people hate Sky for this either. If I was running a company which needed TV ratings to make me money, I'd want good quality TV shows. Go back a few years ago and look at the dross we had on a weekly basis. Those shows would have done ****ing awful TV ratings so why should Sky accept that? Why should they show cards that nobody was interested in when they could show a much better run sport in, say, rugby league or something like that? It's not popular to defend the big companies, but Sky deserve a return on their investment which they weren't getting. Frank, Hatton and Maloney are the people at fault here because they provided a shower of ****e which nobody cared about and they are the ones who ****ed up.

I hope we do get more boxing but I hope we've seen the last of the terrible cards which have plagued Sky in recent years. They are awful for the viewer, they don't bring in good ratings, fans who buy the tickets are given **** shows, they don't attract sponsors and they won't generate interest in boxing. Quality is the way to go, not quantity.
did not rate the last show at all. All the fights went totally as expected and to be honest were borderline mismatches. I might have this wrong but the only footage I saw sky show of brook's opponent was of him getting stopped in round 1. Is that all they had? Poor channel for boxing fans.
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