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Default Re: Sky boxing - Quantity or quality?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
I guess the point is that, when Sky charge so much for the sports channels, it's galling to have to pay another 10 a month to get the sport you want to follow.

It's not Sky's fault as such, the fans just aren't driving the numbers and advertising revenue needed to broadcast late night cards. But considering some of the random things they do show, it is a bit poor.

Incidentally, who broadcasts the NFL in this country? Is it through that online season pass?
Sky Sports show 3 games and BBC show 1.

1 game on thursday night
2 games on sunday night
BBC show the monday night game on the red button.

i think NFL do offer an online season pass though for the other games. NFL to me seems more popular than boxing these days.

your right it is sad. personally like michael i was excited about the idea of a boxing channel but i just dont think it has delivered in any way.

do Sky really charge that much. I pay 15pm for Sky Sports
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