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Default Re: (Frances) Damien Alamos Lumpinee Stadium at only 22 years old

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
I was there at Sanam Luang, saw it live. A great night of boxing packed with massive ATG names not to mention that was the night Somrak had his first MT come back and made Kamel look like a novice. I'll never forget the night cos I'd been hanging a little with Coban before the fights.

JWP......always a class act. I hope OZ realise and appreciate what a warrior you guys gave the world!
Brilliant that you were there that night. You got to see a memorable card. There are some over here that truly appreciate JWP's achievements and sadly 50 times more who wouldn't even know his name.

As you probably know, JWP also boxed a while and won a couple of belts, including the Australian middleweight title.
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