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Default Re: Dana White Stops Doing Business With The Palms Casino Following 50% Reduction In

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Still that is a business relationship. Dana's issue with the casino seemed to be on an entirely personal level. For all we know, they cut his line of credit in half because he got into a habit of being slow to pay up. Entirely possible - he's a busy man to say the least.

Either way, he had a personal issue with the casino that apparently had nothing at all to do with the UFC in any way, shape or form. Any dispute (and it seems it was a relatively minor dispute) he had with the casino on an entirely personal level should not have cost that casino their lucrative business relationship with the UFC.

However, I might well have done the same if I were Dana. And not having knowledge of anything other than the surface facts, I can't make too strong a judgement one way or the other.

Dana's dealings with the Casino aren't really personal though. That is also business... even if it's a personal habit for Dana. That would still be considered Dana's business relationship with the Casino. After all... gambling is the business that the Casino is in. So... as I said before... what they did was a slap in the face of Dana and a show of disrespect. They should be grateful for someone who is bringing them so much business at an individual level, as well as a through the UFC.

Basically, they are saying... hey, thanks for all of the business that you bring in with your UFC events. Also, thank you for gambling away large amounts of money and tipping our staff in an outrageous manner... however we are going to cut your gambling credit line in half because we don't think you're good for it. Hell, they already said that he refuses to be comped. Most people in his line of work would take the comp and not pay **** to begin with.
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