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Default Re: Pros/Cons of this Push-up Routine

Really? So please explain what this particular made up routine will do to enhance the OP athletic ability...? If it's just to do 200 pushups it's pointless. The pullup routine was also pointless.
When I first started doing push-ups, I couldn't do 100. Then it got to the point where doing 100 was relatively easy compared to when I started. Then I started doing 120. That eventually turned to 150, and yesterday it was 200. The point wasn't just to do 200 push-ups for the sake of doing it. It was to challenge myself to do something I've never done before and make my workout harder than usual. Same goes for my pull-up routine. I read an article saying doing low reps, avoiding fatigue, and doing high volume could be a beneficial way to do body weight exercises, so I tried it out. If that's "pointless," please enlighten me on a better way to do it.

As for the push-ups, I thought the explosive nature of alternating medicine ball, medicine ball, spartan (youtube it), and clap push-ups would help with explosiveness and/or speed and/or strength. That's why I asked the initial question, to get some feedback from people who might know more than I do. Again, if I'm wrong, please enlighten me.*

If as an athlete you're going to do an exercise, you need a damn good reason to do that exercise i.e. I'm not going to do arm curls to strengthen my quads. Doing so would be a complete waste of time.
Although I agree with your statement, the example you gave is completely irrelevant. Obviously doing arm curls will be pointless in training quads, just as doing squats would be pointless in training arms. But it's not like I asked if this push-up routine will help me run faster or jump higher or some other totally unrelated thing. I just asked for the pros and cons. But if I'm doing push-ups, it's not hard to infer that I'm trying to train chest/triceps. So how is the push-up routine I posted "pointless" in this aspect? Please enlighten me.*

Why people just slap a bunch of exercises together with no reasoning or actual point (which makes it pointless) I don't know.
Since you are so wise in your structuring of your exercise routines that have a strong foundation in reasoning and an actual point, please suggest a way that, in your opinion, I can improve upon my routine, instead of just saying it's pointless and not offering any advice/suggestions.

And if something is pointless, doing it and not doing it should have the same result. i.e. punching a wall and not breaking it is the same as not punching the wall and not breaking it. The wall remains unbroken regardless of whether you punch it or not. Therefore, punching the wall is pointless. So are you saying that doing this push-up routine would be equivalent to not doing it all?

Thank you for taking the time out of your intelligent, well-structured, result-getting exercise filled day to read and respond to the posts of a mere mortal compared to the godliness of your fitness expertise.*
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