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Default Re: JDS: " i can KnockOut Wladimir Klitschko"

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
street fight though it really depends..the whole "boxer vs mma guy" in a street fight isnt as clear cut as "boxer vs mma guy" in a mma match. For one, does the mma guy know that the boxer is a boxer..because if he doesnt, he may well chose to try to box. But in this case, we assume JDS knows who Wlad the questions is, how does the fight start? are they in a club somewhere? no one between them, one of them bumps the other, words get spoken? a fight is about to go down? Lets say Wlad is mentally in different place, due to Stewards death and pressures of his girlfriend wanting a BBC....and Wlad just hauls off and cold ****s JDS...fight is over and done and Wlad "wins" although he likely gets sued for millions and JDS gets his biggest pay day ever.... but of course if they step outside and go in a "fair fight" way, than i would pick JDS 9 out of 10 times.
You're a funny dude Johnstown! Wlads like 6"6 though, Im sure he gives his girl the BWC..

I agree if Wlad were to land a punch he would KO JDS in a street fight. Although JDS is a good striker (MMA standards) he would be a fool to try to trade with Wlad.. He would most likely grapple and take Wlad down.. Again I agree with the 9 times out of 10 JDS wins in a street fight..
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