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Default Re: 20a87 is English. mundine has fans worldwide!

Did you see the cluster **** where some guy claimed to id HattonTheHammer (HTH). it went something like this:

Fellonblackdays: HTH is Shaun Duffy aka Kemmel look him up on facebook

ESB rushes off to Facebook and finds some poor guy called Shaun Duffy whose privacy settings are pretty lax and starts posting photos of this guys face and
life all over the thread

Fellonblackdays sees a photo and says: lol is that him?

Me: waitaminute - you're the guy who told everyone it's him

Turns out kemmel aka Sean Duffy is a guy who has been charged with trolling Facebook and other sites, looks nothing like the guy whose FB has just been ****d and is definitely not HTH either.

The great thing is nobody cares about the truth - they continue to call HTH Shaun.
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