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Default Re: 20a87 is English. mundine has fans worldwide!

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
You're wrong boxoncotton met him at a pub in Perth after noticing him off a ESB posters avatar of a French photographer called Yann Audic. He confronted the man who admitted he had little interest in boxing and said yes he was Yann Audic and only posted here to stir trouble. The England IP address is another sneaky part of his cunning ruse.
COULDHAVEBEEN has already confirmed this.
I would have given money to actually witness this creepy event. What were they even thinking?

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
Such stupidity. Do you actually think people will read this and be thinking "That AustraHungarian is a funny guy"?

Not sure what they are thinking about me ladyboy but I know exactly what they are thinking about you!
Brah, try and be funnier - "ladyboy"? Little kids would mock you if you wheeled that out as your best insult.

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
i laughed out loud...
When you laugh at something it's a guarantee its a toss post.

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Is Mandy hiring a hitman?...
Geale is a mere tune up for "the man".

Originally Posted by boxoncottonon View Post
Does this look like him from previous pics?
So you went to chat this guy up in a pub?

Originally Posted by AustraHungarian View Post
Clearly a latent *******ual!
Got your gaydar on?

Originally Posted by roscoe View Post
If it is I take it a bit easy..............look at the shoulders on the ******.
Come on brah, you couldn't take that guy.

Originally Posted by AustraHungarian View Post
Indeed! Formidable! Not to mention his powerful forearms and wrists - the very definition of limp-wristed.
Checking that guy out a bit too intensely there....

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
He's not French.
Judging by the thread title I think you are a bit late to the party.

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
No. From memory Yann Audic had a pasty complexion with a yellow manbag and a booger in his nostril in another pic.
The obsession with 20a87 actually touched this guy's life. Totally backs up my assertion that this is a forum of creepy, weird men.
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