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Default Re: Dana White Stops Doing Business With The Palms Casino Following 50% Reduction In

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I actually like Cody and always cheer for him when he fights. This is a reference to a long-running "dispute" on here, regarding many posters whining that Dana doesn't pay his fighters enough.

I made the mistake once of saying that anonymous, interchangeable guys like Cody McKenzie can and should only expect to make a living wage, with no provision for their retirement. My reasoning is that they aren't world class, they don't cause anyone to buy a PPV card or tune in, and they can be easily replaced by any one of dozens of interchangeable guys. They are card fillers, not audience-drawing attractions.

Apparently in the view of several posters here, because Cody puts his health on the line to compete, he should somehow be entitled to earn enough money that he can live off it in his retirement.

I dispute that, and don't think that the occupation "UFC fighter" needs to automatically equate to "six figure income from Dana's cheques." If they excel at their jobs and do the extra work to promote themselves, they'll live very comfortably. If not, they'll live paycheck to paycheck like most people, hoping that nothing serious goes wrong. Professional fighters are pursuing a dream. It's very risky and it's not a short road to a six-figure income. They can always quit and earn money working construction.

I don't care if the UFC pays Cody $8k or $10k for a fight. Work harder, perform better, attract more sponsors. Then the money will go up. But someone like Cody, I see no need why he should be making $50k+ per fight. Because he just doesn't bring that kind of value to the company.

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
But we don't know what Cody is making. We DO know that if he stands out with a great performance, he's in line to make hefty bonuses. And if he consistently strings good performances together, his earnings will quickly rise to reflect that.

Also remember that his association with the UFC gives him a level of prestige that can translate into other income opportunities. Sponsorship deals, for example. Or he can earn money as a coach. "Learn BJJ with UFC fighter Cody McKenzie" justifies a significantly higher hourly rate than "Learn BJJ with bush-league fighter Cody McKenzie."

Plus, he's chasing his dream and is not exceptional at his profession. Bit-part actors struggle, and nobody has sympathy for them. If you have two lines in a $200 million blockbuster, nobody is saying you're getting ripped off if you don't clear $50 grand for your work. Because you didn't carry the movie, and your performance is easily duplicated by hundreds of other bit-part actors.

youve pretty much smashed it haggis.. great posts.

I dont know how many other places there are where a random fighter from butt**** idaho with no pedigree can be a millionaire in less than ten fights..
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