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Default Re: a filipino fan reacting to the omission of pacquiao from the ATG jr fw list

Originally Posted by turbotime View Post
Manny only looked better because he fought shot fighters (Mosley, Oscar) or guys with weak chins (Hatton, Cotto)

****ing cherry picked 40 yr old Marquez outboxed his ass almost as bad as old Morales did

What changed? Manny was landing right hooks against Sanchez and Old Morales.....the difference was, they could take them and throw back.
We can all come up with excuses to why a certain fighter looks bad......or even to why they looked good....of course in this game, "styles make fights".

I laugh at guys on here who over ****yze DLH's resume because of how rich it is with quality fighters....threaded throughout his entire resume....right up to his loss to an even better fighter that sent him into retirement.

We can argue this **** all day about Pac winning "because of" ....or he "cherry picked" that...but the truth is Pac has the only resume that compares to DLH in terms of the depth of his resume......Only Pac has a better statistics in winning "big Fights".

To call Morales "Old" when Pac faced Erik is some fairy tale ****....Danny faced an "Old" Erik Morales. It's hard for some to accept greatness at times but that doesn't change "history". If you agree that DLH or Pac are all time greats or not.....history will record the facts. Their places are secure on that list.....they just have different places on that list.
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