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Default Re: DeMarco vs Broner

Nice post. I'm taking DeMarco purely on the basis I think Broner will struggle to beat up guys his own size.

Originally Posted by JFT96 View Post
Yes. Broner may not be as skilled offensively as Linares is but that is not the be all and end all against someone as limited defensively as Demarco. Linares lasted 11 rounds with Demarco & we've already seen his fragility so I'm not sure there's much to base the idea Demarco will walk him down on.

I don't think Demarco is as good as Ponce de Leon was and I think this is a fight where Broner will be able to exploit Demarco's weaknesses more than vice versa. He's an average at best outside fighter so will have to force the issue but he can struggle vs naturally quicker fighters. He reaches in and if he's beaten to the punch, is left wide open for further shots. It's far to easy to catch him with the straight right and though people might mock Broner for imitating the shoulder roll, it'd be very effective here to block Demarco's right hook which be likes to lead off with. I just don't see him being able to land consistently enough to break down Broner like he did with Linares and feel there's too much gaps defensively that will be seized upon.

Who do you think will win and why?
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