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Originally Posted by scotchpieirnbru View Post
Yeah its usually the Vietnamese and Thai and other Indo-chinese that are the smaller people. Chinese are a bit bigger usually.

Speaking of finding tough people from obscure parts of the planet, are there any fighters from Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam worth their salt? Surely some tough Vietcong Characters from these parts? The Vietnamese have been fighting with every c*** since their history began.
Sorry to the thread opener for digressing a bit...

Thais are the regions official badasses due to the MT conveyer belt and long history of combat sports, "the Mexicans of Asia". Most North East Thais are ethnic Laos anyway (Issan), so there isn’t much of a “toughness” difference the same goes for ethnic Khmers that sit on both sides of the Thai borders. However, the Cambodians all though very durable on the whole are taking time to catch up skillwise with the Thais, the Burmese due to Leth Wei have produced some real nut jobs here's the Burmese No 1 badass Tway Ma Shaung ( the smaller fighter in the 1st clip), his spirit and durability are insane……



The Vietnamese aren't really noted for thier combat skills, although there is no doubting thier durabilty a la the vietnam war. They've become too Sinofied.
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