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Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Lethwei is Burma's traditional answer to MT, although on the whole it fails miserable against MT. It's very different and not as effective as Muay Thai. It tends to be abit wild and scappy with a whole mixture of stuff including takedowns. Tway's style is not traditonal, it's very Muay Thai influenced, I reckon he was schooled and fought across the border in Thailand for many years.

Lethwei is usually no gloves and traditionally no weight classes. The sports recently been modernised in Burma, there are now two strands of Lethwei fights that currently take place regulalry. The newer more international version has I think around 10 or 12 weight classes, but the old skool version has none. Both strands are popular.
Interesting stuff, the wee man really whips those leg kicks in, does real damage with them. Was it a Thai he was fighting in the first vid?
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