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Default Re: What percentage of fights are rigged?

tough to say

I think some fights are not necessarily paid off dives but that many journeymen and cans come in trying but stay down when hit with a good punch

some guys are not necessarily paid by the other guys camp but lay down for a check to make a career of not getting hurt and winning once in a while

i think in lower levels or even higher levels if its not out right corruption where its rigged but officials and refs give benefits out

though some MMA dirty dealing makes me wonder, Elite XC where Kimbo lost they tried paying the guy to not fight on the ground and just trade with Kimbo in the hope to give Kimbo an advantage

Pride got ****ed by the Yakuza who kidnapped fighters and ****ed with judges

in all reality judges are picked months in advance enough time for mob or others to get to them, they can pay them to judge in one guys favor though theres no guarantee itll go the distance
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