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Originally Posted by Macco View Post
Im doing burnouts at the moment, 3 minute rounds, at every minute a 10 second burnout, so i have to fight through fatigue so 3, 10 second burnouts each round lasting 4-5 rounds

I do alot of skipping burnout same as above but skipping, springint on the spot for 10 seconds, also alot of general spring work, just needed some conditoning for my arms

That sounds like a pretty good workout. You may just not be breathing good in your fights. I know it sounds insignificant but there is a huge difference between breathing good and not breathing. If your not breathing in your fights you have to make breathing a habit in practice by putting it as a top priority in your mind. And visualize yourself breathing in your fights even when your resting.

Anyway, as far as your work out, I would start working in a wieght lifting routine. Nothing to much, something like chest and shoulders one day, legs and back another. Do a mix of heavy and light lifting. Make sure to do those shoulder raises. And dont over do it with the wieghts. Two days a week is plenty. If you do any two-a-days (lifting and gym work in the same day for example) make sure you have a solid 5-6 hour break in between workouts.

As far as burnouts, I would go ahead and make the last burnout in a round the last 30 seconds. So two 10 second burnouts then a 30 second burn out to end it with.

Also ask your coach he probably knows more than me.
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