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Default Re: How do you "sit" on a punch? What is punch "leverage"? How do you transfer weight

When you throw a punch you turn your hips into it and keep good balance. If your throwing with your rear hand you twist your rear foot in a "putting out a cigarette" or "killing a bug" type motion. This motion helps you turn your hips over more and generate power. You also turn your shoulders into the punch.

The term "Not sitting on your punches" means someone isnt putting there body into there punch and only throwing slap punches or arm punches. When you turn your body into a punch as stated above your body will slightly drop due to the turning motion hench the term "sitting on your punches".

Stand straight up and pretend your swatting at a fly (or swat at a real fly if you want lol) and only move your arm. This would be an example of and arm punch aka not sitting on your punches.
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