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Default Re: Dana White: Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva Will 'Absolutely' Happen

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
For all all ten of your quotes saying they won't do it, I'll give you their most recent quotes saying that they are willing. They don't have to want it, they just have to be willing.

There have been many fights that two guys didn't particularly want, but they did it anyway.
They will be willing. Once the $$$ gets there. They're professional prizefighters, I'm not saying that either of them will be scared to face the other or anything stupid like that.

I'm just saying that it's amusing and sad that the blame for this one not happening is often laid at Dana's feet, when it's very clear that both men would rather fight pretty much anyone else. Neither man will be concerned if this fight never happens. If that's the case, there's only so much a promoter can do. Cranking up the money and attempting to publicly shame them into accepting the fight are pretty much his only options.

And it's telling that you say Anderson and Jones have recent quotes saying they are "willing", as opposed to either of them saying "Yeah I want the fight."

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